Friday, May 2, 2014


Our trusty cab driver/tour guide, Heinz, did not disappoint us on our last day in Rosenheim.

His recommendation for the day was a visit to Wendelstein. This beautiful area is accessed by cog railway and cable car. We took the railway to the top.

As we waited on the train we saw others arriving with their skis. and then we were off on our climb.

Our trip started at 503m. above sea level and went up to 1723m (over 5000ft.). It started out with a gradual incline passing a saw mill, a babbling brook and some meadows.

Once our train hooked into the cog system, the train ride became much more exciting. 

When we arrived at the top, those with skis strapped them on and exited out one side of the station. Those not skiing left out the other side and through a tunnel in the mountain.

Coming out the other side of the tunnel proved breathtaking.

To be in the Alps with the views that stretched before me was truly a dream come true. 

At this spot there was a large geopark which we could not explore because we were not prepared for ice hiking, but there was still much to see and enjoy. At the top of the mountain there is a weather station and an observatory.

There were also a biergarten, a restaurant and a church.

And on this side of the mountain we also overlooked another ski resort.

We spent a lot of time watching the ever changing views. The clouds would make each view new every few minutes.

One of my most favorite photos ever was taken on this mountain top.

We saw the tram arriving and decided it was time to head for lunch.

The restaurant at Wendelstein was very Bavarian in its decor and featured great views to match the food.

Ken enjoyed a weissbier and lest you think I was being timid, that cup of tea had a large shot of Jagermeister in it. I highly recommend it on a cold day. My paprika beef and dumpling was quite yummy as well.

We had a very funny waiter who recommended the tea and also the apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Both excellent choices.

After lunch we had one last look at those incredible views before heading back down the mountain and off to our next stop on our homeward journey - Paris.

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